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Our Mission is to Help Dogs and Their Humans attain a Mutual Understanding Thru the Use of Compassionate Training Methods.

 Our Training Philosophies are Based on Effective Leadership, Scientific Methods, and are Client Friendly.

We are Veterinarian, and Client Approved.

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Nan is the best! Nice small class, excellent information shared in class & take home sheets, and amazing interaction with each dog. She is skilled at knowing the temperaments of different breeds and helps each owner work with their particular dog’s characteristics. Nan always takes time to answer each owner’s questions and offers several good examples for problem solving. It’s obvious Nan loves her job from the thought and care she puts into her class. Our Sweet Pea Aussiedoodle loves her!

Diane Carr

Nan is the best!

Nan was recommended by my dog’s foster mom. I found her to be extremely professional and so wise about dogs. My dog, a rescue (and part Jack Russell) took to her immediately. Not only was she kind and knowledgable, she was an excellent role model for me and for my husband. After just a few sessions, we started to respond differently to our dog and he has calmed down considerably.
I highly recommend Nan as a trainer. She has given us the confidence and skill to deal with our lovable but highly energetic dog. And she accomplished this with gentleness and positivity, not physical intimidation.

Ellen Marsh

Nan trains with gentleness and positivity…

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