Wholistic Training Solutions

We consider the whole dog when working with our clients.  We believe a program that doesn’t consider the whole is not a complete and balanced way of approaching dog training.  Our training philosophies are based on effective leadership, positive reinforcement methods and are client friendly.

E2863240-B12B-49DB-903D-C882D3C2B6C0Jaya, Rumi and Reishi Scalzo

It has been such an amazing experience watching you apply your “Natural and Organic – Whole Dog Approach” to the rearing of my two dogs.  I so admire your vast knowledge of the canine temperament.  As you know, my two dogs Bello and Jaya have had some challenges in their first two years.  You’ve built a solid foundation of trust with Bello and Jaya coupled with the regularity of consistent training …It was clear from the start the dogs trusted you and you loved them Nan.  The emotional component between you and the dogs was really the impetus that allowed them to learn from you so quickly.

In addition you covered everything regarding their training, including their doctor’s appointments, their food, and their toys. and that kind of devotion is SO hard to find!.  What has really impressed me the most about your care is that it is fully aligned with my “natural and organic” approach to my own well-being.  You have cared to see that the dogs get organic food and snacks made without hormones, anti-biotics, or pesticides. You established a healthy approach to vaccinations using titers to establish immunity,  you have created teeth cleaning schedules and grooming schedules – all with special care for the dogs emotional well being.  And you have cared to see that the dogs are kept on a regular routine which is so very important for them to remain happy and healthy.

Thank you Nan for all you’ve done for the health, happiness, and well-being of our farm dogs!!


Ric Scalzo – Founder Gaia Herbs


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