What Our Clients Say

Nan was recommended by our Veterinarian and her positive, praised based training methods helped our family immensely. We have two dogs and each with different issues. Our 75 pound puppy was terrible greeting people and extremely difficult to walk without pulling and our older dog has been a barker. After spending time with Jackson and Sadie in our first meeting, Nan gave us the advise we needed to correct this behavior. With Nan’s training, we are learning how to communicate effectively and manage the dogs in each situation. As my husband and I become better leaders for our dogs, Sadie and Jackson are becoming better dogs for our family! We highly recommend Nan Long!

~Beth Schenberg

Nan, of Now and Zen Dog Training, was recommended to us by a local in Brevard, NC. What makes her exceptional, in addition to her expertise, is she: 1) comes to you (or meets you in real-world situations, not just a training ring) 2) has really helped us make a difference in our daily lives, by focusing on immediate needs (loose leash, no lunging at other dogs) rather than quickly moving through command training as other trainers we’ve had in the past have done 3) has the canine behavior expertise to know what is and isn’t possible with your individual pup Our two English cocker/Golden Retrievers dogs (siblings) were teenage terrors before we started working with Nan.

The first session was well over two hours and you could just tell Nan is a canine behavior expert. She got us outfitted with the right gear (2 Hounds harness and New Trix halters) to stop the leash pulling immediately for safety and sanity reasons, and started us on the right kind of real-world training. Just two weeks and three sessions later, both dogs have made huge strides in loose leash walking, wait, stay, sit, and down. What really impressed us is in addition to the massive progress we’ve made is the closer connection we’ve started to make with our dogs. They are actually looking to us for guidance…whereas before they did whatever they wanted.

We highly recommend Nan and Now & Zen Dog Training! Neighbors have noticed our training progress and expressed amazement about the quick progress Nan is responsible for us achieving. You won’t be disappointed.

~Ashley Trexler

Nan was recommended by my dog’s foster mom. I found her to be extremely professional and so wise about dogs. My dog, a rescue (and part Jack Russell) took to her immediately. Not only was she kind and knowledgable, she was an excellent role model for me and for my husband. After just a few sessions, we started to respond differently to our dog and he has calmed down considerably.
I highly recommend Nan as a trainer. She has given us the confidence and skill to deal with our lovable but highly energetic dog. And she accomplished this with gentleness and positivity, not physical intimidation.

~Ellen Marsh

I have known Nan for over ten years and I have yet to meet anyone who understands dogs and dog behavior like she does. Her focus on positive reinforcement and working with each dog’s unique personality and needs, has helped many dogs and their humans develop wonderful bonds and happy relationships.

She cemented my beliefs on holistic dog nutrition and treatment, and as I love dogs at least, if not more than humans, I know her to be a kindred spirit.

~Barbara Connold

I wish I could give Nan and her style of dog training a 10 star. As an new dog owner 10 years ago, I did “ok” with my first dog but when I got my second dog about 3 years later that’s when things changed. Nan was recommended to me by a friend.  Nan came to my home and evaluated both my dogs and “me” and then began to offer her experienced opinions of how I needed to begin.

Now 10 years later I have 2 wonderful boxers one of which is an registered Therapy Dog who has been spotlighted in the paper, on TV and along with me was instrumental in starting a pet therapy program at a local hospital.

Nan has never hesitated to offer suggestions when I call her with issues. I love my 4 legged babies and I am so glad that Nan was recommended to me. I HIGHLY recommend her as a dog trainer and would not hesitate to use her in the future.

~Marche Tucker

Stellar! Nan has magic. She came to my home recently because I had problems with my enormous Great Pyranees puppy’s behavior with people, and my Pomeranian was becoming mean. In one three-hour session, she gave me all the tools I needed to have my dogs and me understand each other, and she taught them some real commands, too, to sit and to come to me. My dogs loved her and actually had fun learning. Nan is SUPER brilliant, kind, calming, comforting, and VERY EFFECTIVE. I wouldn’t recommend ANYONE else. She’s the best.

~Jennifer McDonald-Doyle

Nan was recommended to us because of her love and knowledge of the boxer breed. Our pup, apple jack, was 8 months old when we started training with Nan. She not ony helped Apple Jack feel more secure and safe with his new owners, but help us as dog owners learn a language that made us feel confident in implementing what we learned.

Apple Jack is 5 now, and Nan is still on call when I need her. I used her expertise to help with introducing Apple jack to our new babies and stay confident with them as they grew to crazy toddlers! I refer Nan to everyone I meet, especially parents struggling with dog and children relationships. She goes beyond a 5 star rating for us!

~Sarah Barron

It has been such an amazing experience watching you apply your “Natural and Organic – Whole Dog Approach” to the rearing of my dogs over the past 14 years.  I so admire your vast knowledge of the canine temperament.  You’ve built a solid foundation of trust with my dogs coupled with the regularity of consistent training …It was clear from the start the dogs trusted you and you loved them Nan.  The emotional component between you and the dogs was really the impetus that allowed them to learn from you so quickly.

Thank you Nan for all you’ve done for the health, happiness, and well-being of my dogs!!

~Ric Scalzo – Founder Gaia Herbs


~Jaya, Rumi and Reishi Scalzo, AKC Canine Good Citizens

Nan is the best! Nice small class, excellent information shared in class & take home sheets, and amazing interaction with each dog. She is skilled at knowing the temperaments of different breeds and helps each owner work with their particular dog’s characteristics. Nan always takes time to answer each owner’s questions and offers several good examples for problem solving.

It’s obvious Nan loves her job from the thought and care she puts into her class. Our Sweet Pea Aussiedoodle loves her!

~Diane Carr

After adopting Piper, our boxer/lab mix, at the age of 8 months, we enrolled her in Nan’s puppy class. She helped us by not only teaching Piper how to listen and follow commands, but she taught us the art of communicating with and for our dog. Piper is a very obedient girl, now. It took her a while to let go of her puppyhood(that’s the lab in her). She learned all her commands and how to walk on a leash.

Nan’s class was instrumental in creating a happy and well behaved dog. As she got older, we decided she needed a sister. Before we adopted Nola, our 8 week old lab mix puppy, we enlisted Nan to observe Piper, at 3 years old, playing with other dogs to prepare us/her for a baby friend. Piper is a rough play kind of gal. Nan gave us tips to use to recall Piper when she gets a little rambunctious. Using those tools that Nan provided, have helped guide both Piper and Nola and have been invaluable to us.

Anyone looking for training for their puppy or adult dog, Nan’s your answer. You will learn from her how to use common sense techniques that you have had all along. She’s the conduit between you and your dog.

She will make you and your dog happy!

~Eileen Garvey

Nan understands dogs and she is able to train owners to understand their dogs. She provides hands on training and follows up long after actual training is complete. Her passion for dogs is demonstrated by her continual research and desire to learn everything she can about dog health and dog training. She shares that knowledge with her previous “students”. I have known Nan for 8 years and three dogs…..she is awesome!

One last thing….her cabins at DogWoods Retreat are beautiful so treat yourself and your dog to a vacation and get a little training, too.

~Trina Gardner

My 4 month old labradoodle puppy has just finished 2 sessions with Nan. They have been very productive sessions. Nan has an explanation for the problem dog behaviors I asked about, as well as solutions and the rationale behind her suggestions.

She is very patient and kind to both my puppy and me!! I highly recommend her.