We adhere to APDT LIMA position statements.

We are members of the American Association of Professional Dog Trainers and Nan is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed.  Those associations require that we adhere to the use of LIMA, also known as least intrusive, minimally aversive training methods.  Using a set of humane and effective tactics we create plans that are most likely to succeed in training or behavior change objectives.  LIMA adherence also requires us to be adequately educated and skilled in order to ensure that the least intrusive and aversive procedure is used by continuing education. 

LIMA does not justify the use of punishment in lieu of other effective interventions and strategies.  In the vast majority of behavior cases, desired behavior change can be affected by focusing on the animal’s environment, physical well-being, and operant and classical interventions such as differential reinforcement of an alternative behavior, desensitization, and counter-conditioning.

We, at Now And Zen Dog Training, provide the very best of training skills to help you and your dog!



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