Puppy Pandemic!

594D49D5-8CB0-4044-B59A-459CFF8D2142Oh boy, now we have got a puppy pandemic!  I would encourage all parents to think through getting a puppy for your children’s “stay at home” project. Within a month, or two, you’re going to have your hands full with a very mouthy, jumpy, grabby, puppy.  The kids aren’t going to appreciate these more intense behaviors either.  If you’re willing to take on the commitment, please realize that you’re going to need to step up and do a lot of work managing them (puppy & children).  There will also be many hours, each day, spent with that young puppy working on shaping puppy (& children) behaviors, and basic obedience training.

Currently the numbers of puppies being returned to the shelters by families with young children is very high.  Puppies and dogs are not best suited to being returns.

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