Information on the potential risks of the use of shock (E) collars.

Stop The Shock!

One of the risks with shock collars is that dogs can associate the shock with something in their environment. A negative association can be with the person who shocks them and/or things in their environment. 
One of my client case examples:
(please note, the shock training was not used or recommended by me.)
This particular dog was trained using a shock collar to prevent his jumping on people. A shock was administered when he went to jump by a positive punishment trainer. The dog was sent home to owner with shock collar and instructions. The neighbor came forward to pet the dog. The owner administered a shock to the dog. Instead of the dog associating the pain with not jumping, the dog associated it with the neighbor, and bit them. 

Please don’t risk your dog’s safety with the use of positive punishment techniques. Use a certified professional dog trainer that trains under the humane hierarchy
You will get better results without the risks. Call us today for the right training help!

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