Warning on Board and Train!

Please, please, please do your research on where you send your dog!

I am continuing to hear about dogs being harmed while at some board and train facilities in the area. I just heard from a groomer that a dog was taken to one in western North Carolina and subjected to the electronic shock collar (e-collar, training collar) and within 4 days of being at this board and training is biting and owners were recommended to put the dog down or pay $5000 for a long term board and train to “fix” the dog that the trainer has ruined. This dog had no issues (other than being a mischievous adolescent) prior to being traumatized by the shock. Please don’t take the risk. If you are not allowed to see the facility, watch your dog on camera while he is there, and they are using e-collar (aka: shock collar, training collar), do not take your dog there.

The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers provides a list of ethical trainers in your area. There are some board and train programs by CPDT-KA trainers in the area. These trainers are ethically bound to train under the humane hierarchy and there is no risk of harm to your dog, should you want a board and train for your dog.

Please don’t shock the dog!

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