What is Force Free Training?

As pet parents we all want the very best for our dogs and that includes training. I’m typically contacted by dog owners that are frustrated with bothersome behaviors from their dogs. They’ve tried googling for help, asking their neighbors and trying things they might think will help. It’s always better to get help right off the get-go, to avoid establishing unwanted behaviors. It’s not that things can’t be changed, it just takes a little more work.

Force free training is the use of humane and scientifically proven methods that reinforce positive behaviors. It is not to be confused with “balanced training”. Balanced trainers use a combination of punishment along with positive methods, this is not Force Free. True force free training rules out the use of tools like e-collars, bark collars, prong or choke collars and other positive punishment methods. The use of positive punishment damages the bond between dogs and their humans at a minimum. Positive punishment can cause extreme issues in some dogs, you don’t want to put dog at risk. It causes the dog to avoid doing the behaviors but doesn’t teach the dog a correct behavior. If you use force free training methods your dog will learn to offer correct behaviors with lasting results.

By Nan Long, CPDT-KA

Contact Now and Zen Dog Training today to schedule your force free training help.

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