Weather Safety with Dogs

Dog safety in hot weather is important! Since their only method of cooling is thru a nose and their feet they struggle more with hot weather than some of their humans. Here is some good information courtesy of a course I took with PetTech:

Rule of 120. This is a number based on temperature plus humidity where the risk for heat stroke in our dogs can begin to occur and we need to use caution when taking dogs out. Ex: temp is 70 degrees + humidity at 65% = 135. Keep in mind that shorter faced dogs, longer haired dogs and thick coated dogs can be at risk at lesser numbers.

To prevent Hyperthermia Heatstroke:
Keep pet hydrated.
Monitor Dog’s temperature with a thermometer.
Monitor activity level. (Remember dogs aren’t good at self-regulating)
Consider temperature & humidity.
Rule of 120.

Body temp above 103 – 105 degrees.
Uncontrollable panting
Rapid Heart Rate
Foaming at mouth
Tongue & gums initially bright red
CRT 2 seconds or more.

Actions for survival:
Cool with copious amounts of cool water (not cold!)
Treat for shock
Monitor temperature
Contact Vet

Please help keep your pet from overheating during warm weather.

Staying cool at the beach!

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