Dangers of Positive Punishment

“I’ve witnessed firsthand the destructive power of shock collars in dog training. Shock collar and electric fence companies will tell you they’re not harmful when used ‘correctly,’ but this is false. What they don’t tell you about is the damage these devices can do, both to the human/canine bond and to a dog’s emotional stability. The ineffectiveness of these tools in terms of emotional shutdown is common and research has also effectively shown that using shock to train dogs is ultimately harmful and should be avoided at all costs.”

  • Victoria Stilwell, dog behavior expert and trainer, host and presenter of Animal Planet’s It’s Me or the Dog.

We have also had clients that had been harmed by electric shock treatments. The damage is real and the emotional harm deep. Please don’t put your dog at risk of these and other abusive methods. You certainly wouldn’t consider using electric shock to train and teach other members of your family, so why would you choose it for your dog?

We have been practicing our force-free methods in the mountains of North Carolina since 2002. Certified Professional Dog Trainer- Knowledge Assessed and veterinarian approved!

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