Puppies! Let the fun begin!

The work starts immediately upon bringing your puppy home. No puppy should leave it’s mother or litter mates before 8 weeks of age. Of course there will occasionally be exceptions with rescue puppies. There are crucial social interactions that are needed prior to that time with their puppy family. It is important that their next move be directly to their new human family, not a pet store or a board and train. Also, please do not be tempted to adopt two puppies from a litter. It may seem like a good idea but the work and problems risks outweigh any benefits.

If you have decided to go with a purebred, be sure to check that the breeder is breeding only to improve the health of that breed. There are many genetic tests available to help minimize problems within a breed. Make sure that you fully research the breed to make sure it is a right fit for you. Specific breeds are bred for specific work, so make sure you are aware of the needs and challenges of a breed before choosing one. Mixed breeds or rescued breeds can have the traits of several different breeds, so it’s important to factor that in with them also. It is important to ask lots of questions before deciding on a breed or a breeder. A good breeder would also want to ask lots of questions of you as well, to ascertain their puppy will be in a proper home.

Okay, now you’ve made a decision and the puppy has gone home with you. Congratulations, the work starts now! People ask how early is too early for training and the answer is that it is never too early to start working with the puppy. In fact the first 14-16 weeks of their life is the peak socialization period for them. It is during this time you need to properly expose your puppy to good experiences with lot of people, places, and things. You will also want to imprint good handling procedures with them. We are here to walk you thru this important time with an in-home consult session. You will receive a personalized plan on all the aspects needed to work with your new puppy, along with recommendations on books, helpful training papers and equipment. We want you to get the right start with your new puppy.

Call Now and Zen Dog Training at 828-507-3020 for your free phone consult.

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