Connection versus Control Based Training

About 15 years ago, I changed the way I worked with my dogs. I had been using obedience based training that used power based control as the methods to manage my dogs. They performed not as much out of willingness but rather because compliance was required. Looking back I realize that my dogs were not very relaxed or content during training and neither was I. It didn’t feel good to any of us.

Thank goodness for the movement of science-based relationship positive reinforcement training! This movement focuses on the developing trust with our dogs and focused on honoring their well-being. It addressed their needs and emotions. I have found that my dogs are so much happier with this training and so am I! Working with them now feels good and they feel safe and look to me for reassurance and guidance. They have learned to make their own appropriate choices because they have not been forced. Through my encouragement they have learned to problem solve for themselves and are empowered to adapt and recover from stress. They have developed more confidence and are more relaxed. I would never go back to the old school methods.

Please feel free to contact me for more information at 828-507-3020 for more information on relationship based training!

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