It’s All About Enriching The Connection

I have a wonderful new client named Ranger.  His parents got him as a young puppy and had set out to do the training to help him become a balanced and well behaved dog.  They started out with training with someone who uses the traditional, old out dated methods.  It did help them gain some basic foundation work, but Ranger was not enjoying it and seemed to be shutting down, and becoming less relaxed at home.  They contacted me and we did an in-home consult and training session.  The minute I arrived I started shaping behaviors with Ranger.  We discussed changes, switching over to current scientific methods that work on enriching connection between dog and owner.  The session went very well and Ranger and his people were very happy and optimistic when I left.  A week later, we meet for another training session at a local park.  Rangers people are amazed by the results they have seen in just one week.  He is now enjoying their “training” sessions on walks, at home, checking in with them and much calmer and relaxed at home.  They look forward to continuing to grow their bond together.

So, do yourself and your dog a favor and seek out the benefits of a Certifed Professional Dog Trainer who will help you learn the latest (and greatest) training methods available today.

Call us today for your free phone consult.  We are certifed, ethical, knowledgeable and come veterinarian and client recommended.

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