Beware of Trainers Using E-Collars

Beware of Trainers Using E-Collars

Being in an age of advanced scientific knowledge, we have decades of research on multiple species, regarding the use of aversive techniques. A nice name, such as E-Collar, doesn’t make the shock collar any less aversive. The primary reason these collars work is thru the use of pain. It’s not just a stimulation or tingle that creates the results, it is starts with a shock to the dog. There is always a risk that dogs may become aggressive or shut down with learned helplessness, when implementing aversive techniques, such as shock collars. Dogs can also associate the pain of shock with their owners or develop intense fear and avoidance of locations where collar shocks were implemented.

If a trainer is recommending the use of an e-collar it would be wise to question their knowledge and ethics. Don’t put your dog at risk for emotional damage by falling for slick advertising promises. You and your dog will be happier if you work with improving your bond thru the use of positive training methods.

Here is an experience a client of mine had with using a shock collar, before she ever contacted me.

I can attest to this. Big mistake I made with my female. I will never use a shock collar again! My female did not become aggressive toward people but has anxiety and insecurities After using the collar.  I almost had to carry her out of the house to get her to go outside after using a shock collar. Although this happened years ago she is still scarred.

~ M.T.

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