Unethical Guarantees

An Ethical Approach To Dog Training

Ethically, I am not allowed to make guarantees on training results.  What clients want me to help change is behavior, and that is one thing that can’t be guaranteed.  Animal behavior is never fixed or static.  It changes depending on the environment, circumstances.  That would be an improbable promise, because even if a behavior is changed, there is no guarantee that it will not come back.  We can modify behaviors, but how much depends on the dog, circumstances, and the owners compliance.  Behavioral issues such as fear, or aggression, may be modified, to some degrees, but never cured.  Because of the inherent change of behaviors due to uncontrollable circumstances there would be no guarantee.  

Now And Zen Dog Training does guarantee: 

1).  To work with you and your dog with the use of compassionate positive reinforcement training methods.  

2). To provide professional services of the highest standards, including continuing education.

3). To respect the privacy of my clients and treat them with the utmost respect. 

4). To address all concerns in a timely and effective manner.

5). To dedicate my best efforts to help you and your dog current issues with a personalized plan to fit your needs.



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