Shock Collar Risks- Client Cases

More Truth About Shock (E) Collar Risks

Personal clients experiences with Shock (e-) Collar training:

I can attest to this. Big mistake I made with my female. I will never use a shock collar again! My female did not become aggressive toward people but has anxiety and insecurities After using the collar.  I almost had to carry her out of the house to get her to go outside after using a shock collar. Although this happened years ago she is still scarred.


Another client just shared his parents experience with a shock collar trainer. Their black lab was not retrieving the birds so they contacted a trainer.  The trainer put on the shock collar and used the shock to get the dog to retrieve the bird.  The dog finally did retrieve the bird, brought it back to the trainer, and bit the trainer.  They promptly fired that trainer.  No one can tell you what the ramifications of using a shock collar might be on any particular dog, so who would risk it?

(Please note the use of the shock collar was not and would never be recommended by us)

Ayla says no way!


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